Tips for Choosing Summer Curtains

Tips for Choosing Summer Curtains

In hot summer, the temperature is very high and insolation lasts for a long time.If the home room towards sun, curtain must be necessary. However, different curtains have difference in texture, price, light shading effect,etc. Choosing a suitable curtain according to the characteristics of housing and each room can bring you cool environment in the hot summer.

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There are many kinds of curtains, but generally they can be classified as two kinds of products: fabric curtains and ready made curtains. Fabric curtains can be divided into three categories: a kind of three layers with shade head curtain; a kind of double curtain which is composed of gauze curtain and drapes; and a kind of pull type Roman curtain. While ready-made curtain according to the different shape and function can be divided into rolling, folding curtain, vertical curtain.

For the window facing south, its daylighting is good, so gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth are appropriate. For north of the room, the light is insufficient, so it is more cloudy and cold. Then we should choose warm color and thick curtains to increase temperature. If the window towards east or west , we should choose thick curtain which has a good light shading effect.


Whether to choose curtain rods installation or curtain track, the curtain two sides both need 15-20 cm more than the window itself , if the curtain is opened from two sides, we need to set aside overlapping parts about 2.5 cm for the middle. Curtains length should be decided by the location of the hem.Thus, if it is a bay window, it should keep 1.25 cm away from the window,whereas french window should keep 1.5 cm away from the ground.

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