Two Tips to Help You Find the Right Modern Curtains for Your Home

You can transform the atmosphere of your home with the addition of modern curtains designs available in a wide range of fabric and color options to match with your choice of curtain style. An important consideration to keep in mind is the purpose and functionality of the particular window treatment you have in mind, and matching it with the needs of the room. Here are three practical tips to help you find the perfect curtain to compliment your home decor design:

Match the Type of Curtains to Your Purpose

A common contemporary style curtain is the Sash; it is unlined and designed to softly filter in the light. Sheer or privacy drapes prevent the outside world from peering into your home during the daytime but do not block the light. Thermal or blackout curtains are lined and block out significant light while offering extra insulation to protect you from the cold; and a steep electricity bill. Perhaps combining two styles is more suited to your needs, with a sheer drape offering you privacy in the daytime and a sash or thermal curtain to close after dark?

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Choose the Right Hardware to Complete the Look

The hardware you choose helps to complete the overall look. You will need a rod to hang your modern curtains on, but be sure to choose the correct width to suit your curtain and window size. Bear in mind that the road will be visible when you open the etsy curtains, so it needs to be a color and style that match your fabric choice.

Then there are decorative pieces that you find at the end of the curtain rods, which are known as finials, and you can usually find them in various styles and finishes. When choosing finials, keep your fabric motif in mind; leaf finials is a great option if you have a floral curtain design, but it would pay any attention of place with a geometric design. Do not forget to match the rod and finial finishes too.

If you have not opted for tab-top or rod-pocket curtain designs, you may require rings to help you easily open and close your window treatment of choice; these are also available in a range of finishes and styles. Lastly, consider whether you require tiebacks or hold-backs to hold your drapes to the side once opened. Tiebacks can be done in fabric, braided ropes or tassels, while holdbacks are usually made of metal and wood and mounted to the wall.

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