Experts teach you how to pick a good thermal blackout curtains

Naturally want to buy things to buy is the best , but because of the limited each person familiar territory , sometimes even if you want to buy a good blackout curtains, but not due to ignorance but a good curtains to pick , for example, modern illumination high demands , want to buy thermal blackout curtains, but not all are good blackout curtains , you need to choose according to their own judgment , here are two experts we offer selection techniques , hoping to think family to buy blackout curtains to help out.

First, smell is very important, although businesses before the sale will go through a very long time to dry , but still have the smell of new fabrics , so if you find fabric exudes a pungent odor when we should be careful of formaldehyde , while the darker , formaldehyde the greater the likelihood of excessive , so be sure to pay attention to , it is best to buy relatively shallow color , then buy a home , do not rush to use thermal blackout curtains, and then washed first with water and then soaked , this can effectively reduce formaldehyde residue is treated thermal blackout curtains relatively a good way.

Second, choose the brand and fabrics. Fabrics are good or bad, in high or low prices , according to the price and to choose their own favorite , you can pull a friend to be mutually staff , believe that we can have a good receipt. Gauze fabrics are from the material , linen , cotton and man-made fibers, for easy cleaning and linen replacement is also the most comforting of two fabrics , suitable for use in the bedroom , although gauze curtains shading is also very practical, but also relatively strong decorative and good transparency , it is very suitable for use in the living room , of course, can also be used in the bedroom , but more suitable for a little girl ‘s room .

Satin , flocking material blackout curtains is biased gorgeous wind , shading , sound effects are very good , and man-made fibers are hard, durable and easy to wash , shade is also good, but bamboo is suitable for balcony use , good lighting , wear- proof effect class .

Thermal Floral Green Energy Saving Blackout Country Curtains


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